Not enough variable values available to expand ‘variableName’ error -SOLUTION

This error is related to invoking a RestTemplate get endpoint which includes a List in the Query Parameters.

Oh man. I struggled to get this done. So here is the implementation so that nobody else goes through the same pain.

Objective : Invoke a Get endpoint which accepts multiple query parameters including list of objects.

Consider this is the API you’re trying to invoke :

URL of the endpoint being invoked :

URL endpoint with example data(Success) :


URL endpoint with example data(UnSuccessfull) :


Issue : The list needs to be passed as comma separate string like “1,2” instead of [1,2] while invoking the endpoint.

Now let’s jump to implementation :

So the main challenge while calling an endpoint which need List as query parameters is how the list is passed when you invoke the endpoint. If you pass a list directly like [1,2], this results in an error. So changing the list to command separated string like “1,2” is the solution.

Happy learning. Cheers :)

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