One thing at a time

What’s your one thing!

Such is the way of the world
You can never know

Just where to put all your faith
And how will it grow

Been trying to get into multiple things. It looks cool, and brilliant when you get to show off your skills on the various things you know about.
A good number of people will already be impressed by you with the kind of varieties you have in arsenal. Looks cool for sure.

The downside of knowing multiple things or getting into multiple things actually reflect with time. With time you understand more about yourself, and more about people. When you’re young, knowing multiple things makes sense because with that you get to hang around with people from different backgrounds and different interests. You try different things with the hope of eventually finding what you have been looking for.

With time, you start hanging around with people who are better than you. That is one way to learn and grow. If you are not spending time with people who you want to be then the learning rate is low. You still learn, but not with the same pace and intensity.

As you grow older, you would see people start picking and choosing what they are good at. And if you are still trying to get into multiple things as you age and get experience, then a lot of time is spent in switching between those interests and learning something about each one of them. Now at this point in time, when you talk to people, you find out that they have been honing that one particular skill as professional. So the next time you talk to them, you find out that the conversation is about multiple topics, but they happen to know really well what they are doing even though they could lack the basic idea in some other fields. But they know and have expertise in at least a field. Now the challenge is to hold the conversation for hours because there’s a limit to the knowledge you have in every field you have been trying. So the problem with knowing and trying multiple things at a time is you do not get in depth knowledge about that one skill which you can talk about flawlessly.

If you are content with what you have, and this is what you like doing, to try multiple things then there’s no point changing that. It is what it is. It is you who have decided on that. So it’s completely fine.

Finding that one thing is hard. It doesn’t come easy to everybody. It’s like you were always good at Mathematics, and you were always puzzled when people didn’t understand Maths in the class during school days. But now it is you who is having challenges doing one thing at a time, while people have been doing the same thing for multiple years.

The only answer to this is keep looking, don’t settle. Put all your faith in something, have faith in your something. If it doesn’t work out, Start Again. Don’t settle!

That’s it.

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